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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is TACOSODE ?

Answer: TACOSODE is a national umbrella organization for NGOs in Tanzania founded in 1965. Until 1987 the organization was known as the National Council on Social Welfare Services operating as a voluntary coordinating body for NGOs in the country. Membership is open to any registered association, organization or institution that is established for social development, social welfare or charitable purposes. It has over 200 member Civil Society Organizations located across Tanzania mainland.

2. How can I become a Member to TACOSODE?

Answer: Membership is open to a registered Non-Governmental Organization be it Local Grassroots based, National or International operating in Tanzania Mainland. To become a member you need to apply by filling a Membership Application Form that is also available in this website and return to TACOSODE office together with a copy of your Organization’s Constitution and Registration Certificate.

3. Is there any Membership fee? If so how much?

Answer: Yes. Membership entrance fee and Annual Subscription is determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly. The current Entrance fee is TShs.10, 000/= and Annual Subscription is TShs. 20,000/=.

4. What benefits do I get by being a member to TACOSODE? Can our organization get funded by TACOSODE if I become a member?

Answer: TACOSODE is not a funding organization. However there are many benefits that a member organization can get. First as a Capacity builder member organizations benefit from our various programs that also include training; Moreover, as a Networking and linking organization members benefit from information sharing and become a part of a bigger picture that is being  exposed to other actors and stakeholders through our General Assemblies, workshops and forums. In many cases donors require applying organizations to have an independent reference who knows that particular organization seeking funding and this can be provided by an Umbrella Organization like TACOSODE.

5. Is TACOSODE an Implementing Agent?

Answer: No TACOSODE is not an implementing Agent but rather a facilitative organization. Its role is to mobilize resources to facilitate its members, to build the capacity of its members and other stakeholder such as the lower level Local Government Authorities like at Village, Ward, and District/Municipal level to deliver quality services. If there is any Programme TACOSODE therefore does this through its members and District NGO Networks.

6. What is the difference between TACOSODE and TANGO?

Answer: Both TACOSODE and TANGO are umbrella Organizations. However our programs differ in many aspects including our philosophy of working at grassroots level. Organizations are free to join any Umbrella and they can be members to both organizations.

7. Where does TACOSODE get its funding?

Answer: TACOSODE gets its funding from donors / Government through programs, Consultancy fees, membership fees and other fundraising activities.

8. Where do the TACOSODE’s office located?

Answers: See the map (link here with the map to rich TACOSODE’s office)




TACOSODE Other Links

  1. Public Information on the work of NGOs and CBOs and linking them with the government/public education and awareness raising on public policies/participation in formulation  of public policies and programs by providing inputs in technical committees, task forces and NGO forum. We provide a forum for Lobbying and advocating for the rights...
    HOW SERVICES REACH INTENDED COMMUNITY. Organizing meetings, workshops and seminars. Conducting demand driven skills training for capacity building. Joint project planning and management. Production and distribution of newsletter. Exchange and sharing of information through internet i.e. email, websites and promoting e – dialogue and debates.    
Increased number of active NGO member affiliates from 76 in 1990 to 250 in 2010. Promoting capacities of 89 district NGOs and CBOs on planning and managing HIV/AIDS interventions and work with local government authorities. Promoting development and strengthening capacities of 36 district based NGO networks. Building the capacities of 100 organizations and...
  TACOSODE believes in:   Accountability Transparency Professionalism Diversity Integrity; and Constructive engagement    
  TACOSODE’s Office Mikocheni A, Old Bagamoyo Road, Msonge Street, Plot #265/266 P.O. Box 63196, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA Emails: tacosode@yahoo.com Web: www.tacosode.or.tz