TACOSODE is an abbreviation for the Tanzania Council for Social Development. It is a new name for what was formerly known as the National Council on Social Welfare Services registered in February 1965 as a voluntary coordinating body for  NGOs in the country. It is thus a national umbrella Non-Governmental  organization with a status of a council. The new name was adopted in 1987 when the Council shifted its focus from welfare orientation to social development. Thus since 1987 the council activities and focus has been empowering local NGOs/CBO’s and communities to be able to master the environment.

TACOSODE is affiliated to the international Council on Social Welfare – the World organisation promoting social development, with headquarters in the Hague Netherlands. By virtue of that, TACOSODE enjoys a UN consultation status and accreditation in UN organized conferences. The Council is also a member to Environmental Liason Centre International (ELCI) with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Penal Reform  international (PRI) with headquarters in London, UK and Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) with headquarters in London, UK.


Capable CSOs working for social justice.


TACOSODE is an umbrella NGO aiming at improving the capacities of NGOs and CBOs to deliver quality services through training, networking, policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy.


  • To promote and strengthen the NGOs professional competence and organization capacity through skills training.
  • To provide a forum for maintaining, sharing and exchanging information on NGOs activities and for making such information accessible to interested parties.
  • To facilitate and promote cooperation among NGOs and between them and the communities.
  • To monitor NGOs activities and promote evaluation of these activities in order to improve efficiency in service delivery.
  • To act as a liason between NGOs and relevant Government ministries and promote general understanding and cooperation between the NGOs and the government.
  • To develop and implement joint programmes for NGOs or communities and provide or facilitate provision of technical assistance to the same.
  • Where necessary act as a clearing house for NGOs/donors channelling development grants intended for programme implementation.





TACOSODE Other Links

  1. Public Information on the work of NGOs and CBOs and linking them with the government/public education and awareness raising on public policies/participation in formulation  of public policies and programs by providing inputs in technical committees, task forces and NGO forum. We provide a forum for Lobbying and advocating for the rights...
    HOW SERVICES REACH INTENDED COMMUNITY. Organizing meetings, workshops and seminars. Conducting demand driven skills training for capacity building. Joint project planning and management. Production and distribution of newsletter. Exchange and sharing of information through internet i.e. email, websites and promoting e – dialogue and debates.    
Increased number of active NGO member affiliates from 76 in 1990 to 250 in 2010. Promoting capacities of 89 district NGOs and CBOs on planning and managing HIV/AIDS interventions and work with local government authorities. Promoting development and strengthening capacities of 36 district based NGO networks. Building the capacities of 100 organizations and...
  TACOSODE believes in:   Accountability Transparency Professionalism Diversity Integrity; and Constructive engagement    
  TACOSODE’s Office Mikocheni A, Old Bagamoyo Road, Msonge Street, Plot #265/266 P.O. Box 63196, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA Emails: tacosode@yahoo.com Web: www.tacosode.or.tz